Video courtesy IMAGEMASTERZ, Detroit.
International photojournalist Monica Morgan has spent her entire adult life “speaking” through the lens of her camera; along the way there was writing and publishing, too.
Though she’s done so throughout her career, now Monica Morgan is officially available for paid appearances, speaking engagements, and presentations, here, through MONICA MORGAN SPEAKS (

Her lifelong passion has been, and is still, capturing the images, the journeys, the once-in-a-lifetime moments of others with her camera. She has documented the essence of people from all walks of life. In the doing, her own life has evolved into a series of often dramatic adventures; the stuff of fiction and fantasy.

Although she lives her life “through the lens,” she has her own stories to tell; her own lessons learned.

Monica Morgan has captured moments in time and history photographing events on the world-stage; world leaders, dignitaries, and heads of state; celebrities, and world citizens. Her career having spanned more than three decades, her experiences are unique and the lessons powerful. As a result, Monica Morgan -though quite humble- has a great deal to share with the world. She has messages of triumph through tragedy; information and inspiration.

Here, with MONICA MORGAN SPEAKS, you get a glimpse into the language of her visual artistry through her galleries of photographic work as she continues to speak through her lens. In addition here, with MONICA MORGAN SPEAKS, you get to know, and actually interact with her a bit more intimately -including by leaving your comments- as she shares informal thoughts, ideas, and reflections through her blog content. Ultimately, with MONICA MORGAN SPEAKS, you have the opportunity to experience, and thus benefit from Ms. Morgan first-hand, by booking and/or attending her various speeches, teachings, and presentations.

The following categories and topics represent those opportunities. . .



MS. MORGAN shares success-building know-how from years spent establishing, growing, and protecting her own business and personal international brand.


MS. MORGAN opens up and shares personal stories of struggle, vulnerability, and triumph over adversity. She provides uplifting “how-to overcome” examples, inspiration, and solutions.


With professional photography her life’s work, MONICA MORGAN teaches powerful insider knowledge on what you need to know and do to build a successful photography business.

And, if you’re not in the photography business, she teaches you how to insure your own business -or personal- photos are more than merely good selfies.


Known for her distinct style of world-class images of celebrities, heads of state, pop icons, and historic events, photojournalist Monica Morgan is more than “a photographer.” She sees what others don’t; she captures what others can’t. Whether she’s freezing history or making it, Monica Morgan lives life through the lens. Her lens.

Photo of Ms. Morgan by Montez Miller
for The Michigan Chronicle.

available on request.